TRIPSONIX – “All That’s Left”

By altnoise, Apr 4 2020 01:16PM

Peterborough based duo Tripsonix are a band who are clearly not defined by genre conventions and tropes. Their latest single All That’s Left treads the line between polished and raw expertly, drawing influence from an impressively vast pool of musical styles.

Any fan of the more interesting and diverse side of alternative rock will find something to enjoy here. At times the song is remnant of an early Nine Inch Nails release. At other times, the vocal delivery reminded me of some of Jimmy Eat World’s punkier cuts. It made me nostalgic for some of the 2000’s more interesting alt-rock whilst always retaining a fresh and original energy.

In All That’s Left, Tripsonix sing of overcoming the negative voice in your head. The distorted vocals help paint the picture of a tortured soul, finally saying what’s on his mind. As the track reaches its peak, layered guitars combine with diverse synth patterns to create a vast wall of sound. It is punchy, tight and impeccably formed.

If you are new to Tripsonix, All That’s Left is a very good place to start. With a new album out in May, this is not the end. It’s just the beginning.

Check out “All That’s Left” by Tripsonix on Spotify.

Andrew, altnoise

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