By altnoise, May 25 2020 10:39AM

Alone is the poignant and reflective debut single from Edinburgh based alternative pop project The McKenzie FIX. Combining subtle and sparse instrumentation with a haunting and thoughtful vocal performance, Ewan McKenzie presents an expertly crafted piece of storytelling, that will get under your skin in all the right ways.

At its core, Alone is a tale of solitude and isolation (perhaps apt for the trying times we find ourselves in). McKenzie at times has a vocal delivery remnant of Nick Cave and Guy Garvey, his voice is compelling, adding depth to the emotional gravitas of the lyrical material. Many songs this lyrically dense run the risk of becoming overbearing and muddled but this is not a problem for McKenzie. The subtle piano truly allows the lyrics to shine and gives the track a wonderful sense of balance.

Alone is a highly specific piece of music and as a result the themes and messages seem truly universal. The track has an abundance of maturity from a musician who clearly understands the intricacies of the genre he inhabits. An impressive debut single from an artist with very clear potential.

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Andrew, altnoise

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