TERRY BLADE – “The Unlovable”

By altnoise, Mar 30 2020 12:25PM

The Unlovable is a highly personal and passionate piece of song writing, an impressive debut release from an artist with clear mainstream potential.

This track sees Chicago based singer-songwriter Terry Blade address issues of mental health and his own struggles with depression. For a song with such a significant and important message, Terry does a great job keeping his purpose clear. The minimal acoustic R&B instrumentation works perfectly alongside his honest and bold lyricism, allowing the track’s vital message to always be front and centre in the composition.

The lyrical honesty in The Unlovable is refreshing; the track plays out like an internal monologue, vulnerable, sensitive and sincere. The specificity of what Blade discusses in this piece works to the track’s advantage, his struggle is relatable, and his message is clear.

The Unlovable is an impressive track that any fan of acoustic R&B will enjoy. However, it is the track’s lyrical honesty and pure spirit that truly allows the piece to shine.

Check out “The Unlovable” by Terry Blade on Soundcloud.

Andrew, altnoise

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