RON HAMRICK - Tomorrow

By altnoise, Feb 27 2020 03:05PM

Ron Hamirck, 2019

Taken from the 2019 EP Nothing But Sunshine, Tomorrow is a subtle and effective ballad about dreaming of the good times ahead.

The simplicity of the instrumentation here really works to the tracks advantage; the acoustic guitar picking allows Ron's lyricism to truly shine and the minimal keyboard parts create a poignant sense of nostalgia, giving the song form. The sense of longing in Tomorrow is totally believable. When Ron sings that "hope is a song that [he] hasn't finished yet" it feels genuine and heartfelt in all the right ways.

There is a real vulnerability behind the optimism at the core of this piece. The journey being described in Tomorrow is one of personal growth and is being explored with the maturity and grace of an experienced and proficient songwriter. It is a highly thoughtful and enjoyable listen.

Be sure to check out the EP Nothing But Sunshine by Ron Hamrick in full on Spotify.

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