ER - Ich Liebe Diesen Scheiss (2020)

By altnoise, Aug 13 2020 01:41PM

Ich Liebe Diesen Scheiss is a wild and energetic blues anthem to get your pulse racing and your foot stomping. Taken from ER’s latest album 2020 2.0, the track is a breath of fresh air, deconstructing the blues genre and re-energising it for a modern audience.

At its core, Ich Liebe Diesen Scheiss (translated to I love this shit) is simply great fun. Austrian artist ER has taken a hugely diverse spectrum of influence here, with his core polished blues sound being filtered with elements of dubstep and electronica. These unexpected stylistic beats really help to keep the listener engaged, setting ER apart from many of his contemporaries.

The production here is also of note, the punchy pop mixing gives the track a truly polished feel. It is clear that a lot of care and attention has gone into the creation of this song. If it’s a rambunctious blues tune with a modern and experimental feel that you’re after then look no further.

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Andrew, altnoise

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